Road sweepers can help keep the streets and roads free from debris and rubbish. In the market for a road sweeper for your organisation? You can be sure to find what you’re looking for at EnduranceVS. We are a specialist supplier of commercial vehicles, for both hire and sale.

When you buy from us, you can be sure that you’re getting an exceptional quality vehicle at a competitive price. We are a specialist supplier of commercial vehicles for both hire and sale. Keeping your building site or industrial complex clean is simple when you have a road sweeper at your disposal.

What must I look for in a used road sweeper?

Road sweepers on the used market have generally been owned and operated by local councils. They may have high mileage, but as long as they have been maintained properly, this is not an issue. At Endurance, we fully service and maintain all vehicles before listing them for sale, so you can be sure that you’re getting a fantastic example at a competitive price.

If you’re looking for a truck mounted sweeper, this usually consists of a cab at the front, and sweeper equipment mounted to the body of the truck. Because the sweepers require lots of power, there is usually an auxiliary engine fitted. This is worth thinking about when you look for a used model, as it is another component of the vehicle that must be maintained and serviced properly.

Other things to consider; what about the size of the vehicle? A typical truck mounted sweeper is very powerful and will meet the cleaning requirements of almost any commercial operator, but what if you need to clean small spaces? A truck mounted sweeper won’t fit. You’ll need to look at a smaller sweeper. Also, do you require powerwashing facilities or a separate hose? Models with these features are generally more expensive, but are far more versatile. Be sure also to consider the maximum capacity of the sweeper. If you’re covering a lot of ground, look for a model with a large capacity, as this will reduce the intervals at which you’ll need to empty the sweeper. This is unlikely to be too much of an issue on a building site or industrial complex.

As with any used vehicle, check the number of hours it’s been used and the mileage it’s been driven. Low hours and low mileage vehicles are less likely to need expensive and time-consuming maintenance or repair work needed, keeping you on the road and in business. You should also check the chassis and body service history for the same reason, to ensure it’s been looked after. Finally, you should check the sweep gear is operational and ready to work.

Why buy from Endurance?

When you buy from us , you can be sure that you’re getting an exceptional quality vehicle at a competitive price.

Our commitment does not end there, though. Prior to sale, we ensure all vehicles have a thorough workshop examination and any defects found are rectified prior to delivery to our valued customers. The Endurance team bring organisation and assurance to the process, with quality checks and guarantees on all of our ex-contract vehicles, and stock we purchase from other sources.

Endurance can also paint vehicles and supply livery in line with your requirements and company branding.

We can also undertake retrofit programs in our workshops to include additional vehicle and ancillary specification, this includes health and safety equipment, quad cameras, reverse and proximity sensors , driver aids and telemetry tracking.

Please check our used and approved machines at EnduranceVS. We’re constantly updating our stock, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch with us either by phone or filling out the form below and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Guaranteed 1 month warranty.*

*subject to terms and conditions.

All vehicles fully serviced and operational.

Compliance pack included.

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