DAF LF45 Truck: a medium-weight multi-role truck chassis suitable for a range of fleet operations.

The DAF LF45 is a medium weight multi-purpose truck capable of being adapted into several different uses across a range of fleet operations. With a compact and functional design, it can easily be configured to meet the needs of your business requirements. 

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About the DAF LF45 truck chassis

We have a wide range of DAF LF45 trucks available for sale at Endurance Vehicle Solutions with a variety of different body types and configurations. Our DAF LF45 trucks have usually been operated by one local, single operator and have been utilised for a number of different roles from logistics to road sweepers. 

The DAF LF45 benefits from a 4×2 axle configuration, different engine types depending on the usage of the vehicle, as well as two chassis types. A 13t tractor unit and a selection of rigid chassis. The rigid chassis is always popular with fleet operators as it is both lightweight and compact, but capable of a large load capacity meaning the DAF LF45 is suitable for many different roles within your fleet. 

When you purchase a DAF LF45 from Endurance Vehicle Solutions, you know you are in safe hands. We fully service all vehicles before we sell them, as well as giving them a full MOT and vehicle health check. On top of this all DAF LF45 are given a FORS (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme) specification package. 

Endurance Vehicle Solutions also have a dedicated service team on hard, available to give you help and advice whenever you need it. We also offer a range of ongoing vehicle maintenance services including inspections, repair and maintenance, RFL and even 24/7 breakdown cover. 

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Bodies suitable for the DAF LF45

The versatility of the DAF LF45 chassis means it can easily be fitted with a variety of body types, below we’ve featured a selection of popular body types available.  

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we have a huge selection of vehicles available for sale as well as the ability to source vehicles to your specifications – so please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be glad to help you.

Scarab Merlin XP Street Sweeper

Suitable for vehicles weighing up to 18 tonnes the Scarab Merlin Street Sweeper, is an ideal addition to a LF45 chassis. As a single engine Hydrostatic sweeper, the Scarab Merlin has a larger water holding capacity compared to dual engine sweeper, so when combined with its high performance cleaning system it becomes a versatile cleaning platform. 

NTM K2K Maxi Body

The NTM K2K is a refuse collection body designed specifically for chassis ranging from 12 to 18 tons. It has a 70/30 split body and divided tailgate, meaning users have the ability to collect and separate two different waste streams. The NTM K-2K is available in various large body volumes, ranging from 9m3 to 14m3, but also has the option for an additional front pod, meaning it is capable of running 3 separate waste streams. 

Whale MVC Gully Sweeper

The DAF LF45 can be perfectly combined with the Whale MVC Gully sweeper. With a tank capacity of up to 12700 litres as well as Mistral Vacuum pumps and Orca jetting pumps, a DAF LF45 Gully sweeper is a highly-developed functional machine ideal for contractors or municipalities working on main sewage lines, drains and gullies.  

Refrigerated transport units

Due to its compact size the DAF LF45 makes a perfect vehicle for transporting chilled or frozen goods. When combined with a box body and a direct drive refrigeration system such as the Xarios 400, the DAF LF45 can easily negotiate tight and narrow urban environments where larger chilled vehicles might not be able to reach. 

Skip Loaders

Due to the flat and level chassis, the LF45 is often adapted as a skip loading vehicle. When fitted with equipment such as the Powerlift 4000EX skip loader, the DAF LF45 can easily handle skips weighing up to 4 tons. 

About DAF

Founded in the Netherlands in 1928, DAF is a leading global manufacturer of trucks and HGV’s.They produced their first truck, the A30, in 1949, as well as producing a passenger car in the 1950’s. From the 1960’s onwards DAF focussed solely on the production of trucks and succeeded in becoming well known for producing high quality and versatile vehicles. 

In 1996 DAF was acquired by US company PACCAR, a large commercial truck design and manufacturing company, who also own the truck brands Kenworth and Peterbilt.

In more recent years DAF have won the International Truck of the Year awards on three separate occasions as well as winning the IToY Innovation award for their DAF XF H2 Innovation Truck, which used a Hydrogen internal combustion engine. 

DAF continue to produce a range of innovative trucks, suitable for a wide variety of purposes. 

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