DAF LF Street Sweeper for Sale: a high-performance and versatile street sweeper fitted with a Bucher V65 Maxpowa.

DAF have built a name for themselves by manufacturing a series of high-performance and versatile trucks suitable for a range of fleet roles. The DAF LF Street Sweeper is a testament to this success.

If you want to expand your commercial fleet and are looking for a used DAF LF Street Sweeper, Endurance Vehicle Solution can find you the vehicle you need. Contact our support team today on 01291 440 750 to find out more about how we can help.

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About the DAF LF

At Endurance Vehicle Solutions we have a range of used DAF LF Street Sweepers for sale with a variety of engine sizes and chassis types available. Our range of DAF LF vehicles have usually been sourced single operator fleets and have been maintained to the highest standards by us throughout their operational life. 

The DAF LF is available in a variety of weights allowing it to suit a range of roles, however the Street Sweeper configuration is specifically built on DAF’s LF RoadSweeper chassis. This rigid chassis is available in 3 separate models, all of which feature a 4×2 axle configuration, but have a choice of Euro VI (6) compliant engine sizes including the LF 190 PX-5 (189hp), LF 210 PX-5 (208hp) and LF 230 PX-7 (227hp).

This DAF LF Street Sweeper is fitted with a Bucher V65 PowaMax truck mounted street sweeper, which is designed to offer high performance street cleaning capability.  

If you are deciding whether to add a used DAF LF Street Sweeper to your existing commercial fleet, understanding the history of the vehicle is of utmost importance. At Endurance Vehicle Solutions we conduct a full set of vehicle health checks on all our vehicles, as well as giving them an up-to-date MOT, this means you know the DAF LF you purchase from us, will be in excellent condition and ready to go into service immediately. 

We also fit a FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) specification package into all the used DAF LF vehicles we have for sale, so you know you’re in safe hands going forward. On top of this we offer a full ongoing repair and maintenance service which includes 24/7 nationwide breakdown cover, RFL and inspections, and a dedicated service team who can offer help and advice whenever you need it. 

Contact us today to find out how EVS can help source the next DAF LF Street Sweeper for your commercial fleet.

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About the Bucher V65 Street Sweeper

The Bucher V65 MaxPowa, is a high-performance truck mounted street sweeper engineered to seamlessly fit a variety of 12-17 tonne chassis models, including the DAF LF series as well as other such as the Volvo FL 250. As an integral part of Bucher’s V-range of sweepers, this machine boasts top-of-the-line specifications, making it ideal for deployment in a diverse array of operational scenarios. Equipped with robust sweeping brushes, potent water jets, and a spacious hopper and water tank, the V65 MaxPowa delivers exceptional performance.

A standout feature of the Bucher V65 MaxPowa is its 3.5m sweep width, facilitated by a pair of quick-release variable speed channel brushes. This innovative design ensures superior cleaning capabilities, and in some models, the brushes can operate with simultaneous sweeping, maximising the area covered in a single pass. All debris is efficiently collected in a 6.5 m³ heavy-duty stainless-steel hopper, which can be effortlessly discharged through a rear chute after the cleaning process. Additionally, the unit is equipped with dust suppression sprays located beside the suction nozzles, guaranteeing the effective removal of waste from road surfaces or gullies into the suction system.

Environmental consciousness is at the core of the Bucher V65 MaxPowa’s design. The water jets are optimised to reduce water usage by an impressive 20%. Furthermore, the inclusion of a large secondary fuel tank enables this sweeper to operate for an entire working day without the need for frequent and wasteful refuelling trips. 

Safety is also a feature that is not overlooked with the Bucher V65 MaxPowa. The sweeper comes with an advanced monitoring and control system that ensures operators remain fully aware of their surroundings at all times. Real-time status alerts for potential hazards and system malfunctions help minimise the risk of accidents, providing operators with peace of mind during operation.

By combining exceptional performance, safety features, and eco-friendly design elements, the Bucher V65 MaxPowa is a powerful and responsible street sweeping solution that makes the perfect addition to your municipal cleaning fleet.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we have a huge selection of vehicles available for sale as well as the ability to source vehicles to your specifications – so please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be glad to help you.

About DAF

Founded in the Netherlands in 1928, DAF is a leading global manufacturer of trucks and HGV’s.They produced their first truck, the A30, in 1949, as well as producing a passenger car in the 1950’s. From the 1960’s onwards DAF focussed solely on the production of trucks and succeeded in becoming well known for producing high quality and versatile vehicles. 

In 1996 DAF was acquired by US company PACCAR, a large commercial truck design and manufacturing company, who also own the truck brands Kenworth and Peterbilt.

In more recent years DAF have won the International Truck of the Year awards on three separate occasions as well as winning the IToY Innovation award for their DAF XF H2 Innovation Truck, which used a Hydrogen internal combustion engine. 

DAF continue to produce a range of innovative trucks, suitable for a wide variety of purposes. 

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