Given the current climate, bus and coach operators are looking for ways to protect their staff while still keeping their vehicles on the road. That’s why Endurance Vehicle Solutions have begun offering a custom-fitted acrylic sneeze guard service for bus and coach operators nationwide. 

Complying with COVID-19 restrictions for public transport operators is fundamental for your business to begin operating again. Whether you have a small fleet of one or two vehicles, or a national fleet of hundreds, we can help fit sneeze guards to your vehicles, helping you get back in business and on the road again.

The WHO has confirmed that coronavirus can spread through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. By introducing a physical barrier between your staff and a potential infected person, such as one of our cough screen sneeze guards, you can easily comply with regulations and ensure your staff have a safe and hygienic working environment to return to.

Leading UK Supplier of Sneeze Guards for Bus and Coach

Our sneeze guards are made of 5mm thick acrylic plastic. They are custom-designed for each individual vehicle to ensure they fit properly and provide maximum protection for your staff. We are a leading provider of custom sneeze guards, and one of the only businesses in the UK offering custom, bespoke fitment to your fleet of vehicles.

With several large contracts and very happy customers, putting the safety of your staff first has never been easier. Our units are available in any size or shape, with curved end returns and bespoke transactional or other cutouts on request. Whatever your needs, we work with you to ensure a safe solution for your staff.

How do Endurance’s Sneeze Guards Work?

Our sneeze guards are custom-made from acrylic. They are manufactured to meet UK minimum height requirements for plastic screens, which is currently above head height. Our acrylic is 5mm thick and is easily cleaned with any widely available cleaning product and can be wiped down after service to ensure a hygienic environment for your passengers and staff.

These screens are designed to be fitted around the driver, to ensure their safety while collecting payments and transporting passengers. The robust design ensures that the driver is fully protected from airborne particles that may be spread by an infected passenger, while still allowing them to perform their duties and keep your business running.

Custom, Bespoke Fitment

Endurance takes the guesswork out of keeping your staff safe and complying with regulations. We have a bespoke facility based in Chepstow, South Wales, whereby we can quickly and easily retrofit any vehicle with a sneeze guard. We can also come to you, irrespective of where you’re based in the UK. 

Each sneeze guard is sized and fitted bespoke to your particular model of vehicle. While other businesses provide standard sizing and expect you to fit the screens yourself, we take care of all of this for you, allowing you to focus on your operation, knowing that you are compliant with regulations as a result of the work that we’ve done.

Quick Turnaround Times

We recognise that getting back on the road is your primary objective during these difficult times. That’s why we’re pleased to offer quick turnaround times for our sneeze screen fitment services. We know that it’s important to you to get back to business as usual, and we do what we can to make that happen as quickly as possible for you.

Excellence in Service

We’ve been providing municipal vehicle hire to contractors and local authorities since 2019, and have developed an enviable reputation for service excellence. Given the current climate, we felt it was time to expand our service offering into sneeze guards for buses and coaches, while also maintaining the same level of service excellence to all our customers.

If you are struggling to find the right business to help you comply with coronavirus regulations, get in touch with us using the form below. One of our dedicated sales team will get back to you with a service offering and a quote.